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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What did you do today?

Not sure about the rest of you but cleaning my fridge as a mom of 2 in the summer is not top priority. Well today I got geared up to clean. Let me tell you I never knew a fridge could get so nasty. Took me 2 hours. So while i was on that kick and the girls were doing so well letting me cleaned I did the bathroom, mopped the floors, did some laundry and made dinner. It felt like a very successful day over all. The girls even got to go out and play for an hour and a half. Its was great... until they both started getting tired.

Now every little thing causes a temper tantrum, fighting left and right, whining up the wazoo! AHHHHHHH one wants bubbles the other doesn't but wont wait for her own bath. What do you do in a spot like this? As terrible as it sounds I toss her in to the bubbles, normally not a problem but with a 2 year old that skipped nap today well that was a 10 minutes screaming fest and battle to get her washed, but I won that one! Now its a fight over tv? Nope I just sit down with a soda and ignore the fighting and when it quiets down then I peak in on them!

Thank heavens bed time came and they are both laying down!!!!

With love from
the sanest mom on the block!


  1. Today I have to clean my fridge after about a month of hubby telling me to wait until Tuesday (the day before trash day because it is really bad). Last night we decided we better tackle it together before grocery shopping. Really 2 hours?? Yeah I better get busy.

  2. Yeppers 2 hours! But it looked like someone dropped milk under the drawers and then strawberries and then it all gelled. EWWW I hope your fridge goes quicker and easier than mine